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When it comes to spider pest control, you want a professional on your side!

With a wide variety of species about, spiders are a diverse range of pests, who present varying levels of danger and discomfort. Fortunately, healthy adults don’t have too much to fear from spider bites. However, if your home contains children, pets or elderly family members, spiders can be considerably more dangerous! And, even if a spider is medically harmless, many people are understandably distressed by their presence.

So, whether you have safety concerns or just want to keep your home comfortably spider-free, Miller’s is the place to call. Our spider pest control treatments are effective and safe for you, your family and your pets. We also offer treatments for all other common household pests. Call 0430 634 503 to get your free spider control quote today!

Common Types of Spiders

There are over 35,000 types of spiders in the world, and over 2,400 in Australia alone. Although most are only a nuisance, it’s important to be aware of common varieties, so you can know how seriously to treat them. To help you, we’ve summarised the most common household spiders in NSW below. If you live in the greater Wollongong area, you’ve probably already met many of these creepy customers!


These large, flat, brown-grey spiders are a common sight in Aussie households. Harmless to humans, huntsmen don’t spin webs and often prey on other spiders, and prefer to run away if threatened. However, their size—and their tendency dart out of dark spaces with surprising speed!—make it impossible for many people to be comfortable with them.

Daddy long legs

Another everyday sight, the daddy long legs is a small spider with long, delicate legs. They multiply quickly and create large colonies where conditions are favourable, spreading webs which are a nuisance to clean. They aren’t dangerous to humans, but they can be a real problem for anybody who finds spiders distressing.

White tip (white tail)

A small, long-bodied spider with a distinctive light “tail” at the end of the abdomen. White tip spiders usually hunt other spiders, but have a tendency to hide in bedding and garments that makes them very undesirable in the house!

White tip bites are not considered lethal, but typically cause pain and discomfort. Like most poisonous spiders, their bites can cause additional nasty reactions in sensitive individuals.

Wolf spider

Not unlike the huntsman spider, wolf spiders are large, hairy customers who hunt other spiders rather than spinning webs. They are less shy than huntsmen, however, and are more likely to bite if threatened.

Considered non-lethal but poisonous, wolf spider bites are likely to cause pain, swelling and nausea in humans. However, their bites are extremely lethal to cats and dogs, so they are much more of a concern to pet owners.


One of Australia’s iconic deadly creatures, the redback is a tiny black spider with a bright red hourglass mark on the abdomen. They love cracks and crevices, and thrive in warm conditions, making human homes an excellent habitat.

Redbacks are unlikely to bite unless threatened, but since they hide so well, they are easy to disturb unintentionally! Redback bites can be life-threatening, so these are spiders you definitely do not want in your home.

Funnel web spiders

The Sydney funnel web is a large, hairy spider that’s black all over. Although they live mostly in Sydney and surrounds, they do appear in the Wollongong region too. Funnelwebs like to live in suburban gardens, but are prone to wandering indoors too, especially in summer and autumn.

The funnelweb is famously the most deadly spider in the world (to humans), and is quite aggressive compared to most spiders. Even a non-lethal bite can cause a serious reaction, ranking these nasty fellows as a top priority for spider extermination.

Spider Warning Signs

  • Spider webs, especially inside the house
  • Round webbing balls or wads, that might be egg sacks
  • Live spiders in the home or yard

Spider Pest Control  and Prevention

  • Spiders prefer safe, protected spaces where they aren’t typically disturbed by humans. You can minimise the risk of spiders in your home by reducing clutter around the house.
  • Wollongong is a land of many backyard sheds! If your home has areas you don’t actively live in, open and clean them out regularly to discourage spiders.
  • You can also help prevent spiders by removing their food source. Keeping insects out of your home will help break the food chain and encourage spiders to look elsewhere.
  • Above all else, if you want to keep spiders out of your home, get rid of them as soon as possible! Spiders breed quickly, and will multiply happily in the right conditions.

For fast & effective spider pest control, just call Wollongong’s local bug hero on (02) 4276 4574 or 0430 634 503.

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