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Though most birds are welcome visitors in our spaces, some species can be a real problem. Whether you have a residential or commercial property, unwanted bird activity can cause a significant amount of mess, damage and discomfort. Nuisance birds can also pose a serious health risk, and for business owners a significant safety concern.

Fortunately, Miller’s Pest Control are available to provide fast, effective bird control solutions. Our methods are humane and effective, proven to reduce unwanted bird populations without causing harm. So if birds are invading your space, call Miller's Pest Control for expert bird control solutions across the Wollongong region!

Bird Problems

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  • Damage and Defacement: Roosting birds are notorious for ruining building facades, paint and signage with their droppings. Beyond just an aesthetic concern, this can also cause more significant damage in the form of corrosion or blockage in drainpipes and machinery.
  • Health Concerns: Birds can spread more than 60 diseases through faecal matter, feathers, and nesting materials. These range from unpleasant to dangerous – including E.Coli, salmonella, fungal infections, and more.
  • Aggression: Some birds become so comfortable scavenging around humans, that they become violent. This can be a real problem, especially if you run a business with customers and staff to consider. This article highlights a number of bird species which have a habit of developing this aggressive behaviour.
  • Related Pests: Birds introduce other pests by carrying parasites into areas they inhabit. These include lice, mites and fleas, all of which can then infest bird-ridden areas and require further treatment to remove. Bird lice in particular, can cause severe skin irritation in humans.
  • Disruption of Native Species: Native animal species often avoid areas where introduced pests have flourished. This is an ecologically undesirable result, especially if you are trying to cultivate a garden space.

Warning Signs

  • Constant bird cries, especially from young chicks
  • Bird feathers and nesting debris in your gutters or on your lawn
  • Increased volume of bird droppings.

Common nuisance birds of the Wollongong area include Indian Myna birds, Pigeons, Starlings and Seagulls. If you see any of these birds in significant numbers near your property, you may have cause for concern. Seagulls are notorious for being aggressive in search of food, while pigeons are especially famous for adding their droppings to urban environments.

Of course, not all nuisance birds are introduced—some, like the seagull, are simply native species who have learned to cause trouble for humans. It is important to treat any bird pest control with care, as you may be dealing with a protected species. The goal of this type of pest management is always to deter invasion and protect human spaces, without causing harm or distress to the animal.

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Our Bird Control Solutions

Getting birds to leave an area is the easy part—it’s keeping them away that requires professional expertise! Many species of birds have a good memory of their preferred nesting sites, so as long as the area is accessible, they will return in later years. Therefore, effective deterrents are the most important component of bird control.

Depending on the property and the bird species, useful methods may include physical deterrents, visual deterrents and sonic devices. At Miller’s Pest Control, we offer all effective bird control techniques. The correct bird control plan will depend your space, the species of bird and other factors, so we take all factors into account when providing your complete bird control solution.

Bird Netting

Netting is a relatively simple way to keep birds from accessing problem areas. We can use it to close off attractive nesting and perching areas (such as under awnings and in rafters), and protect enclosed areas like courtyards.

Bird Spikes

Bird control spikes can discourage birds from roosting in unwanted areas, without causing harm. Spikes have the benefit of being useful where netting can’t be installed (for example, on top of signage). Details about bird control spikes are available here.

Wire bird deterrents

Bird control wires work on the same principle as spikes, to prevent perching in key areas without hurting the birds. The pictures below show a “Daddy Long Legs” style bird deterrent, where the dangling wires move freely in the wind to make the perch unappealing to passing birds.

Sonic devices

For areas where physical barriers are not practical (for example, wider spaces), sonic deterrents my provide a better solution. On their own, sonic devices have a limited effect, but they can be much more useful as part of a complete plan.


Where the birds are identified as an invasive pest species, humane trapping and removal methods may be used.

Expert consulation and planning

Above all, it’s our expertise that allows us to deliver a long-lasting solution. We assess your property and take into account the particular bird species and habits, problem areas, and unique features of your property.

In addition to our years of experience, we offer techniques have been proven effective for the specific environments of the Wollongong and Illawarra regions. You can count on Miller’s to deliver the most effective bird control solutions for your home or business.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Have your new rooftop solar panels attracted some unwanted guests? It’s frustrating to make the environmentally-friendly choice, only to be rewarded with pesky new bird tenants.

Unfortunately, solar panels offer quite an attractive home for many birds. Because they stand elevated from the roof itself, they created a sheltered space that’s great for nesting. This poses a secondary problem to the usual bird issues; reduced solar efficiency. As bird dropping accumulate on your solar panels, they block solar energy collection and lower the efficiency of your panels—which, in turn, obviously reduces the good they can do for the environment and for your pocket.

Fortunately, we have effective solutions to keep birds away from your solar panels. A Mesh installation can harmlessly block birds from accessing the space, greatly reducing their tendency to hang around and leave deposits. If you have an aerial reaching over your panels, we can also install a wire deterrent to scare off birds looking for a safe perch.

If you want to protect your solar panels from unwanted birds, call Miller's for professional solutions today!

Preventing Nuisance Birds

The most effective strategy to prevent birds from taking up residence in your property, is to minimise available space. However, if you can’t block off access to roosting/nesting areas yourself, then a professional solution will be necessary.

Remember, the first step is to act quickly! The longer birds are allowed to nest or roost in an unwanted area, the harder it will be to remove them later. So if you need to get rid of unwanted birds on your Wollongong area property, call Miller’s Pest Control on 0430 634 503 today!

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